Applying and removing road markings

Road marking company De Groote in Deinze specialises in applying – and removing – road markings and traffic lines. On roads, parking lots or company premises and in factory halls, sport centres and auction-marts. From solid and broken lines, to parking bays and bicycle paths. With modern equipment, short delivery times and always with a perfect finish. That’s the way we have been working for the past 40 years. So it is no coincidence we now are the reference in Belgium for road marking.   

Customised marking for each purpose and each surface

We all know the conventional white road paint. However, road marking is about so much more. That is why we have a standard offering of 7 kinds of road markings. We select the correct type per project, based on the surface, the planned application and envisaged utilisation:

All-in service

Each project is different. However, we start each project with a pre-defined milestone plan. For an all-in service, from A to Z.

  • We delineate existing markings when needed
  • We clean the surface
  • We trace the new markings
  • We apply the new markings using the correct equipment
  • We add glass beads or anti-skid aggregates
  • We protect the markings with traffic signs

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