Removing road markings with water blasting

Road markings are designed to stay intact as long as possible. However, sometimes they need to be removed before they have disappeared through normal wear and tear. When a traffic situation changes for instance, or when a parking terrain or company building is redesigned. In those instances, road marking company De Groote uses a highly advanced water blasting system, to efficiently remove markings without causing too much damage to the road surface. 

The Stripe Hog

That is what our unique machine for removing road markings in a flash is called. Water blasting is much more environmentally friendly than scrabbling or sand blasting. And there is more:

  • Thanks to the power of the water blasts, road markings, Thermoplastic, epoxy and tape are removed whilst hardly damaging the asphalt or concrete surface.
  • The specially designed cleaner head removes tyre marks on runways and landing strips keeping the surface intact.
  • The mobile Strip Hog unit makes it possible to move around fast and easily, even in the hardest places.

Our Strip Hog machine is the most flexible, handy and complete equipment you can find for the removal of permanent or temporary markings on asphalt and concrete.


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